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Italian & French Violin Makers Deluxe - Vol. 2

Jost Thoene Verlag

Italian & French Violin Makers  - Deluxe Edition Volume 2

Fine leather book cover 
Edition: 100 pcs.

Volumes of photographs about the italian and french violin making from the 16th up to the end of the 20th century.


The format of the book is 46cm x 30cm and all photographs of violins and violas are presented in original size.
Every volume of the four offers a cross-section view on the violin making history of these two important schools and allows detailed comparison-studies with the help of measurements and ct-scans.


Biographies of the violin makers are published in English, French, German, Italien and Korean language as well as forewords and texts by B. Carlson (Cremona), F. Leonhard (London), I. Moroder (Verona) and J. F. Schmitt (Lyon).

(Cologne, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008)

Volume II


    Paolo Maggini vl
    Antonio Mariani vl
    Antonio Stradivari vl
    Nicola Gagliano vl
    Bernardus Calcanius vl
    Giovanni Battista Gabrielli vl
    Giuseppe Dall'Aglio vl
    Francois Louis Pique vl
    Giuseppe Rocca vl
    Nicolas Augustin Chappuy vc
    Giuseppe Nadotti va
    Giovanni Gagliano vc
    Francois Louis Pique vl
    Giovanni Francesco Pressenda vl
    Giuseppe Antonio Rocca vl
    Francois Caussin vc
    Franciskus Chaló vl
    Hippolyte Chrétien Silvestre vl
    Raffaele Fiorini va
    Ettore Soffritti vl
    Gaetano Pollastri vl
    Marinus Capicchioni 2x vl
    Otello Bignami vc
    Pietro Sgarabotto va
    Giuseppe Lucci vl + va
    Paolo Maggini vl